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Keei G. | Naples, Florida

November 18 2017 Bark busters rating

June and Colin are amazing! We truly felt like we had no hope with our big puppy. He was running our household. After one session, we cannot believe the change in Truffles! We see the light at the end of the tunnel, and cannot wait to enjoy our puppy for the awesome dog he is!

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Faye R. | Naples, Florida

November 13 2017 Bark busters rating


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Ted and Lindsay F. | Naples, Florida

November 11 2017 Bark busters rating

Different dogs before Colin and June even left our house! Our girls are sensitive, so the natural training really works well for them. Treats and harsh correction have never worked for them. After a play injury, Stella needed to see our vet. She was a completely different dog! Our vet even asked what we had done since our last visit. Everyone is very pleased with the progress both dogs have made since their first lesson!

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Molly J. | Naples, Florida

November 7 2017 Bark busters rating

Colin and June were very helpful and encouraging when training our dog, Rebel. We look forward to future sessions.

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Murray J. | Naples, Florida

November 3 2017 Bark busters rating

1st walk she stayed by my side. Most of all she doesn't bark or whine on the few times I have been out alone. Easy on dog, amazing how quickly she started behaving. Participation was nice and Treats/Rewards NOT required. It was as much training us as it was her. Both Colin and June were great and felt like friends or guests.

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Alice F. | Naples, Florida

November 2 2017 Bark busters rating

Simple, logical, very understandable. Once I knew the proper cues, I feel like Lucy responded right away. It all made sense to me . . . and to see how Lucy responded was amazing. We are looking forward to our next session.

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Thomas and Elizabeth B. | Naples, Florida

October 22 2017 Bark busters rating

Our 4 year old yorkie Gracie was out of control. She was barking at the wind, guarding all of our doors and windows and launching random attacks on on anyone who dared to enter. We were at the end of our rope. We finally called BARK BUSTERS. In two hours, June and Colin Glass were able to train US and bring back tranquility to our home. It was a truly amazing experience. They left us with exercises and tools to continue our training. Just have one question... WHY DID WE WAIT??? Don’t make the same mistake - this program really works!

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Cori F. | Marco Island, Florida

October 13 2017 Bark busters rating

The training techniques consisted of extremely simple "common sense" commands and exercises that, with repetition, WORKED!!   There were noticeable results after the first session.   By the end of the program our dogs were both respectful and obedient.   We highly recommend Bark Busters.   We are extremely pleased!   The collars are wonderful and applying the training techniques rewarded us with three springers that respect and obey us!   The training techniques were interesting and enjoyable for all of us!   Colin and June are wonderful.   It is amazing how the application of many simple, natural training techniques have transformed our three springers' behavior!   In only a few training sessions Roxy is no longer leader of the pack - Cori is!!   Thank you!!

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Lindsay S. | Naples, Florida

October 12 2017 Bark busters rating

My mom and I both enjoyed the training and found it easy to understand. Colin and June made a great team! Fergus was already walking better (less barking) after the first training session. I have already recommended June and Colin to my sister. :-) I am excited for us to continue the training.

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Linda P. | Naples, Florida

October 10 2017 Bark busters rating

Everything is logical if you think about it from the dog's perspective. The dog is jumping a lot less and respecting the Bahhhh growl especially when trying to chew something not appropriate. I never believed in coercion. This kind and gentle approach is equally good for owner as dog. An excellent reminder of basic tools needed by owner to succeed with dog. Easy to follow basic rules for success in training. I am now confident that with work and perseverance I too can have a lovely companion in my black lab.

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Sean N. | Naples, Florida

October 10 2017 Bark busters rating

Very easy to understand for us and Tucker. Definitely observed noticeable results! Tucker walked on a leash 100% better and he was sitting and staying better. No shocking or pain is great. We learned a lot about what we were doing wrong and how to best give Tucker a way to succeed. I would recommend Bark Busters - so nice and friendly and they came to the house. Tucker liked them too.

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Janet H. | Naples, Florida

August 10 2017 Bark busters rating


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Leann M. | Naples, Florida

August 10 2017 Bark busters rating

Very pleased and look forward to continued improvement!

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Bernard L. | Naples, Florida

August 8 2017 Bark busters rating

June and Colin are true professionals. They are very knowledgeable, courteous and experienced. It is truly a pleasure to work with them.

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Kim G. | Naples, Florida

August 1 2017 Bark busters rating

Murphy's fear of the outdoors is going to take more than one session. Colin and June worked great together. Super listeners. Humane techniques!

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Kyla T. | Naples, Florida

July 26 2017 Bark busters rating

June and Colin were very well-versed in explaining the Bark Busters method. Buck was barking noticeably less when the doorbell was rung or when someone knocked. We learned so much about how Buck thinks - June and Colin were fantastic!

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Misty S. | Naples, Florida

July 14 2017 Bark busters rating

Excellent. I have already recommended Bark Busters, and can't wait for the next session.

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Jasmine M. | Ave Maria, Florida

July 7 2017 Bark busters rating

Very easy to work with June and Colin. They are very nice and it is clear they love and enjoy working with dogs. Excellent in every aspect; I would recommend Bark Busters and look forward to continue to work with June and Colin.

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Judy F. | Naples, Florida

June 30 2017 Bark busters rating

The training was explained so easily with great, simple, interesting procedures and techniques. My baby boy was so well-behaved! So proud of his class results. Enjoyed each moment! Colin and June were delightful. It was so interesting, fun and surely worthwhile! I would definitely recommend Bark Busters! Awesome trainers. My fiancé and I were amazed and pleased! Colin and June were wonderful.

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Yvette T. | Naples, Florida

June 29 2017 Bark busters rating

We thoroughly enjoyed our first visit / therapy session with June and Colin! We are convinced we are in good hands with their knowledge and expertise for the training of our new puppy Luna!!!

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